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Medtech Rising: Ireland will benefit from $522bn global medtech market

Medtech RisingThe global medtech industry is thriving, and Ireland could play a major part in its success.

Written by Ellen Tannam

Reposted by InterSearch Ireland 


Medtech Rising, the Irish medtech CEO conference, is underway from today (6 December) in Co Galway.

Eoghan Ó Faoláin, acting director of the Irish Medtech Association, an Ibec group, noted that the medtech industry – estimated to be worth $522bn globally – is evolving in a number of ways.

Research and development (R&D) spend is to grow 3.7pc to $33.5bn, and new business strategies will also contribute to the 5.1pc growth forecast for 2022. He said that “the value of mergers and acquisitions grew 178pc globally and were worth $49bn in the first half of the year”.

Ó Faoláin added that Ibec has been an “unrelenting champion” of the Irish business model, and this support has helped make Ireland’s economy competitive and attractive to set up and grow companies in the country. “This is encapsulated by the 450 medtech companies here, including nine of the world’s top 10 medtech companies having a base in Ireland,” he said.

Many companies looking to Ireland

Ó Faoláin said a key area of focus now for businesses is making Ireland a location of choice for global commercial capabilities, with a third of foreign direct investment (FDI) companies already planning to expand or introduce commercial operations here in Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland’s director of life sciences and food commercialisation, and manager of the life sciences sector, Deirdre Glenn, explained Ireland’s ideal position: “Ireland ranks in the top five of global hubs for medtech, stemming from its uniquely collaborative ecosystem made up of multinationals, start-up companies, university researchers and R&D centres.”

She added that while Ireland is attracting and retaining the world’s leading companies, we are also growing our own talent base and export potential.

Glenn cited initiatives offered by Enterprise Ireland as a major business driver: “Through innovation supports like our Agile Innovation Fund, which aims to improve the efficiency of developing new products and services, Enterprise Ireland is focused on driving the global ambition of medtech companies, providing new generation healthcare solutions and improving patient outcomes worldwide.”

Michael Lohan, head of life sciences, engineering and industrial technology at IDA Ireland, said: “Not only is Ireland the number one destination for FDI, it’s also number one for investment incentives.

“But that’s not enough to ensure we remain one of the top five global medtech hubs,” Lohan said. “Although Ireland’s international reach helps to attract businesses into the country, events like Medtech Rising help them get the information on the latest trends and meet the right people to grow their businesses.”

The conference is is co-hosted by the Irish Medtech Association, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, and is running today and tomorrow.


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mobile healthReposted by InterSearch Ireland



Two Irish medical technology companies, SureWash and MEG Support Tools, have collaborated with the global hand hygiene company GOJO and one of the leading cancer hospitals in Europe, The Christie in Manchester, to demonstrate how “smart hospital” technology can reduce infections without the need for lots of extra personnel. A recent outbreak of CPE (carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae) in Irish hospitals indicated the seriousness of this issue, with a mortality rate of 40-50% recorded among infected patients.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) say that good hand hygiene can prevent up to 50% of infections in hospitals. Preventing infections is critical as these so called “super bugs” are resistant to anti-biotics and have a high mortality rate.

Speaking at the start of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, Kerrill Thornhill of MEG Support Tools said; “A multimodal approach to improving hygiene standards is critical in combating hospital acquired infections and the reliance on antibiotics. We are working with SureWash to reduce rates of infection and improve the lives of people across the healthcare system.”

The WHO provide guidelines on when to do hand hygiene (the 5 moments) and on how to do hand hygiene (the 6 poses). But validated training and auditing of these guidelines is very resource intensive and sometimes overlooked. The research carried out was published by the American Journal of Infection Control. Results indicated that integrated digital tools can provide both rich data and novel tools that both measure impact and provide feedback to support the implementation of multimodal hand hygiene campaigns.

The infection control team in the Christie Hospital describe how live data from the MEG audit app, the SureWash interactive training kiosk and GOJO’s SMARTLINK™ dispenser system was combined to create a live data dashboard to facilitate better infection risk management. Analytics were run on the live data to provide actionable feedback to both staff and patients if the standards of hand hygiene practice were slipping.

Patients and their families have a key role to play in infection prevention. However, there are few if any resources available to training patients in clinical infection prevention. During the study, patients were encouraged to learn about hand hygiene using gesture recognition and camera based algorithm technology which teaches them correct hand hygiene technique – 70% of the training episodes were by patients helping them to maintain infection control for wound care post-discharge.

At the annual Infection Prevention Society award in Manchester in September, SureWash & MEG Support Tools also received industry awards voted on by delegates from hospitals across the UK and Ireland.


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Irish Medtech Sector Continuing to Innovate

InterSearch Ireland

Med in Ireland shows medtech innovation is in good health

Written by: Deirdre Glenn, Manager of Lifesciences Sector at Enterprise Ireland

Reposted by InterSearch Ireland


Ireland is in the World's Top 5 Medtech Hubs 

"Ireland - a small country with a strong economy where collaboration and values matter," said Pierre Chauvineau, vice-president at Boston Scientific, speaking at the 12th annual Med in Ireland event last month. As many speakers noted at the key medical technologies event opened by Minister Pat Breen, the latest statistics show that the sector is in full health in Ireland.

Ireland has emerged as one of the world's top five medical technology hubs over the last 20 years. Thirteen of the top 15 global medtech companies have bases here, demonstrating that the country has become internationally recognised as a location of choice for the development and manufacture of high-tech medical products.

The sector has over 350 medical technology companies, of which 152 are indigenous and generate over €600m in sales and €400m in exports, employing over 6,500 people.

With significant growth year-on-year since 2012, Ireland is the second-largest exporter of high-tech medical products in the EU. The objective of Med in Ireland is to support further growth by enabling companies based in Ireland to build partnerships with the 300 buyers from 42 countries that attended this year. An impressive 1,000 company-buyer meetings and over 200 buyer-to-exhibitor site visits took place over three days.

A number of announcements illustrated the potential. Meditec Medical announced that it has successfully tendered for a contract with the international Boston Children's Hospital to manufacture and supply Mediflex pressure relief mattresses to its entire hospital.

Kastus, an Irish technology company, announced the launch of an antimicrobial solution which can be used on devices, door handles and sanitary fittings in hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacture to prevent the spread of micro-organisms such as MRSA and E. Coli.

Seabrook Technology Group, the Irish-owned manufacturing software specialist, announced a partnership with Toolroom Technology to provide an end-to-end offering for orthopaedic manufacturers, which is expected to generate €3m in revenue over the next two years.

Ireland's medtech advantage is supported by investments in research, development and innovation. Some 60pc of medtech companies in Ireland are engaged in R&D and in 2015 companies spent over €205m on such activities. Enterprise Ireland is introducing a range of innovation supports to aid the development of medical technologies, help clients to win more research funding through the EU's €80bn Horizon 2020 fund, and encourage knowledge and intellectual property-sharing.

Technology Gateways leverage industry-focused expertise in Institutions of Technologies across the regions. Health Innovation Hub Ireland partners clinicians, academics, and entrepreneurs that work together to accelerate commercialisation. BioInnovate Ireland is a technology training programme in which academia, clinicians and industry collaborate to develop novel medical technologies.

Shortly before Med in Ireland, Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald announced the launch of another such initiative, the BioExcel Medtech Accelerator Programme at NUI Galway, to support our pipeline of innovative startups.

The announcements at this year's Med in Ireland demonstrate the potential of these initiatives. Ireland's innovation advantage is driving global market penetration for exporters and supporting partnerships with institutions, including Northwell Healthcare.

Med in Ireland showcased companies that are taking advantage of these opportunities, building partnerships that secure business wins on a global scale. Medtech companies in Ireland are not only growing sales in traditional export markets but diversifying into new, higher-growth markets. Notwithstanding our medtech competitiveness, firms face uncertainty generated by Brexit.

To support them, we must continually innovate and showcase Irish innovation across the world.


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InterSearch Worldwide Academy 2017


InterSearch Worldwide Academy


The 2017 InterSearch Worldwide Academy - Paris 

Written by: Stephanie Ryan, Consultant with InterSearch Ireland

Posted by InterSearch Ireland



In October, I (Stephanie Ryan, Consultant with InterSearch Ireland) attended the 2017 InterSearch Worldwide Academy held in Paris, France.

The academy offers Consultants and Researchers within the InterSearch Worldwide network (operating in 50+ countries) the opportunity to discuss and explore the hottest topics in our industry. This year covered a variety of topics such as the digitalization of job seeking, particularly with regard to leading social media, global executive search best practices, changing industry sectors, cross border and multi country assignments, marketing and branding initiatives.

dscn4454 large

L-R: Micheál Coughlan (Ireland) Stephanie Ryan (Ireland), Jonas Soenens (Belgium), András Lipcsei (Hungary), Summer Hamad (Dubai). 

"The InterSearch Academy is an excellent forum for opportunities to boost intercultural co-operation and team building."

The 2017 Academy had representatives from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy,  Japan, Morocco, Norway, Romania, Russia, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

Along with the Academy training, our hosts at InterSearch France facilitated some excellent social events  with wonderful dining experiences and a tour of the beautiful “City of Light” with a particularly enjoyable  dining cruise on the River Seine. 

I would like to thank InterSearch France on being such wonderful hosts as well as the Academy  team of  András Lipcsei (Hungary), Micheál Coughlan (Ireland), Jonas Soenens (Belgium), Summer  Hand (Dubai) and Carla Calvo (InterSearch WW) who presented the programme.                    

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